Glamour model plans to get more body art

Gemma Atkinson says she’s addicted to tattoos – and is already planning her next designs.

‘I’ve got two Chinese symbols on my stomach, the word “Princess” written in Arabic on the top of my neck and an angel on my back,’ she explains.

‘I do think it becomes very addictive so yes I will have some more in the future.’

And body art is not the only thing Gemma, 23, is hooked on. She likes to work out, but preferably without boyfriend Marcus Bent.

‘The gym… I have to go five times a week or I feel guilty,’ she tells The Sun. ‘Marcus and I sometimes work out together but it puts a bit of a strain on our relationship.

‘It’s like he’s the teacher and I’m the student. The boyfriend and girlfriend relationship goes out of the window and I end up in tears.’

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