Casualty actress was known for sexy shoots

Gemma Atkinson admits her glamour modelling days are very much behind her.

The shapely star, who found fame on Hollyoaks, has done lots of sexy photoshoots in the past but gave it up to focus on her acting career.

‘I haven’t done glamour modelling for five years now,’ says Gemma, 29.

‘My boyfriend at the time thought I looked great, my family was very complimentary, but I was my own worst critic.

‘That was one of the reasons I quit. Another was that I’d done all the mags here, in the US and Australia. The next step was Playboy…

‘They called. I could have done that, but I’d have risked never having a serious job again.

‘I decided I wanted to be known as an actress.’

Gemma stuck with her plan, having recently returned to her role as paramedic Tamzin Bayle in Casualty after a two-year break, and feels much more content.

‘Money doesn’t make you happy,’ the actress admits.

‘I stepped away from it and disappeared for two years. I’m still lucky to be doing my day job.’

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Anna Francis