Glamour model ready to settle down with boyfriend

Gemma Atkinson is building her dream home with footballer boyfriend Marcus Bent.

The I’m A Celeb star has been dating the Wigan Athletic hunk, 29, on and off for 2 years but now she’s ready to settle down.

‘We just thought we’d take the leap,’ she says.

‘I’ve never really liked the idea of being tied down before but being in [the jungle] put things in perspective. We haven’t moved in yet – it’s being built and will hopefully be ready in May.’

But despite admitting she’s smitten – the 23-year-old still struggles to show her caring side.

‘I do try because Marcus is very romantic,’ she tells OK!

‘The other day we were staying at a hotel and Marcus checked out before me and wrote “I love you” on the mirror with soap!

‘I wouldn’t even think of doing that. I just leave the bathroom in a mess!’

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