‘You’re a fat joke of a woman. You fat horrible lump. You’ve got more rolls than Greggs.’

‘You’re a fat joke of a woman. You fat horrible lump. You’ve got more rolls than Greggs.’

Getting abusive texts like this from your partner would surely be the end of the relationship, right? Well, not when you’re Gemma Collins and James ‘Arg’ Argent, it seems.

Because, just days after Arg’s vile body shaming messages to Gemma ‘leaked’, he was spotted leaving her Essex home, amid claims they were ‘working things out’.


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It’s safe to say fans weren’t sold on the split. One commented, ‘Surprise! Is there anything they won’t do to get in the papers?’ Another said, ‘The whole thing was probably a publicity stunt.’ And a third added, ‘Anything for a few column inches.’

Arg’s attack came as a result 
of The GC throwing him out 
of her house, after he posted 
a rather unflattering video of her sleeping and snoring to his 760,000 Instagram followers.

The next day, Gemma, 38, dutifully put on a ‘brave face’ for the cameras, as she headed north to film a cameo for The Real Housewives of Cheshire.
If their break-up was indeed just a clever publicity stunt, it seems Gemma might have become a bit too used to being one of the most talked about women in 
the country.

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Her stint on Dancing on Ice was dramatic to say the least, from the reports she fell asleep during rehearsals to her highly publicised fall out with judge Jason Gardiner.

And the recent drama with Arg comes, coincidently, as Gemma plans to start filming for her very own reality show. 
A source said, ‘Several production companies are 
keen to work with her but she’s taking a week or two off to relax and spend some time with her loved ones before signing on the dotted line.’

It’s easy to understand why Gemma is enjoying all of the attention on her right now, and why she doesn’t want it to stop. After she was booted off DOI it was claimed the star can now command 
up to £13,000 
an hour for 
a nightclub appearance. Not too shabby, Gem!