What a birthday present!

Gemma Collins received an early birthday present after she discovered an A-List star is her number one fan.

The GC couldn’t contain her excitement after she was praised by none other than Chris Pratt during a recent interview he did with Glamour.

‘The GC? She’s a real star,’ he said when asked if he’d heard of the TV personality. ‘I mean, I love that show. I watched it when I was out here shooting years ago, got hooked on it. I’d be a little star-struck if I met Gemma.’


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Chris, who became an unlikely fan of TOWIE, and Gemma, during filming for Guardians of the Galaxy in the UK back in 2013, even expressed concern for the TV star after discovering she had fallen on her face during last weekend’s Dancing On Ice.

‘And she fell hard?’ he asked when informed of her fall. ‘Did she hurt herself? Is she OK?’

And not surprisingly, Gemma, who celebrates her birthday tomorrow, was elated when she discovered the interview, even offering the Hollywood hunk tickets to come and watch her perform in the DOI studios.

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Wow my birthday dreams have come TRUE ✨@prattprattpratt ✨✨✨ thank you for your lovely messages 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🙏🏻 and ive got you 2 tickets to come and see me on @dancingonice

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Sharing a clip of the chat on her Instagram, Gemma captioned it: ‘Wow my birthday dreams have come TRUE @prattprattpratt thank you for your lovely messages and ive got you 2 tickets to come and see me on @dancingonice.’

Her fans were equally as impressed with the discovery, with many commenting how ‘brilliant’ his admission is.

Gemma Collins

One said: ‘Ahhhhh! Hahaha no way :p lucky gal,’ while another added: ‘She is literally world famous’.

And a third simply said: ‘Brilliant.

Chris is currently in London promoting Lego Movie 2 with Tiffany Haddish, so perhaps he will pop down to the DOI studios this Sunday!

He and Tiffany delighted Londoners this morning as they served them free hot drinks from a pop up Lego cafe on London’s Southbank.

Chris is also a fan of Essex and made his feelings for TOWIE very clear during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show back in 2015, during which he even mimicked an Essex accent.

Explaining how he fell in love with the show after being introduced to it by his then-wife Anna Faris, he said: ‘We love that garbage TV back in the states. My wife is crazy about it and when I was here filming Guardians of the Galaxy my wife came out to visit and she fell in love with this show TOWIE, The Only Way Is Essex.’