Well, she is the GC...

She’s arguably the most famous reality star in the country, and Gemma Collins has now confessed that she’s so rich, she hasn’t made her own bed in ten years.

Gemma Collins

The meme Queen has a team of cleaners to take care of her house – and even wears a brand new pair of knickers every day.

In a Sunday with Gemma Collins interview for the Guardian, when she was asked the best way to change bed sheets, the TV star said, “I have to be honest, I have people who do that for me.


“I think you have to button it inwards, not outwards? I can’t remember.”

She added, “I have a team of cleaners, in case one is off sick or goes on holiday.

“I probably haven’t made my own bed for the past 10 years, honey.”

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Gemma, who claims she’s now worth £5million after rising to fame on The Only Way Is Essex in 2011, says she’s rich enough to wear a new pair of Marks & Spencer underwear every day.

She told The Sun, “I should have shares in knickers in Marks & Spencer’s.

“I’m in there all the time, I wear a new pair of knickers every day at the moment.”

Insisting she’s still a down-to-earth Essex girl, Gemma added, “I’ve not forgotten where I came from but I’ve grown and I’ve evolved and that is the secret to being a reality star.”

She concluded, “I am the Queen of Memes.

“I’m the first reality star to break the internet, people can’t touch me.”

Nice to see you’re still as modest as ever, Gem!