The GC's having an incredible time on holiday

Gemma Collins is the queen of confidence – and never more so than in recent months, as she’s been showing off her impressive weight loss.

While we’ve seen her display her figure in pretty dresses and glam jean and blouse combos, TOWIE star Gemma has been giving fans even more fashion choices to praise while on her current holiday in sunny Portugal.

However, a recent picture has seen her go saucier than ever – and it’s proven to be quite a talking point for her followers.

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Gemma, 36, has been keeping her social media fans in the loop while on her early Summer break – from motivational words on body confidence, to simple snippets about what she’s up to.

However, a vacation’s not going to stop this lady from turning a profit – so she’s also been using it as an opportunity to showcase pieces from her fashion collection.

And in a post from Sunday (14th May), the TV star and plus-size fashion designer modelled a pink, silky jacket by the pool – and wore little else…


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Wearing the jacket, a pair of heels and presumably a nude swimsuit underneath, Gemma is shown sitting by the pool with a hand on her knee and her legs apart. Admittedly, it’s quite a provocative pose, and it’s rubbed some fans up in the wrong way…

‘Why do you need to spread your legs to sell a jacket?’ asked one confused fan, while another warned her of a potential wardrobe malfunction: ‘Girl you can nearly see your f*nny!’

‘Oh, close those legs,’ reads another response, before a different user urged: ‘Love you G, but for God’s sake take this pic down.’

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Yikes. However, not all fans were quite as dismayed at the pic, instead deciding to compliment her look and encourage her to ignore the haters.

‘Oooooo aren’t you saucy!’ and ‘Sticks and stones u look amazing’ read two appreciative comments.

One fan in particular wrote a testimonial as to how happy she looks, gushing: ‘Gemma Collins…I don’t know what’s in the water where you are lately…but keep on drinking! You look fantastic, whatever is happening in your life at the moment definitely suits you!’

And it’s hard to disagree – with other pictures on her feed hinting that she may have a hot new man to boot, Gemma’s living her best life right now. You pose however makes you happy, Gem!