Could Gemma Collins be swapping Essex for EastEnders alongside Danny Dyer?

She may be in Marbella filming with TOWIE right now, but it looks like Gemma Collins could be swapping Essex for EastEnders when she gets back.

The 34-year-old reality star spilled all during an exclusive chat with Now about her ‘dream’ of landing a role on the BBC soap.

‘I really do see myself on it babe,’ Gemma gushed while pondering her future. ‘That’d be the dream, especially with Danny Dyer.’

Not just that, but to show her sheer dedication to the BBC soap, the self-proclaimed GC even auditioned for a possible part during our interview.

Which you can listen to in our (actually hilarious) video here.

‘Hopefully Linda would jet off with the kids,’ Gemma revealed while imaging her role. ‘Then Danny would be all lonely in the pub and then along comes Gemma.’

‘And i’d say ‘GET OUTTA MY PUB!’ and he’d say ‘this is my pub.’ And then I’d say ‘actually babe, I signed the deeds last week so this is my pub now and you work for me.’ Then we’d have a little tuffle, fall in love and that’s the dream.’

Well you know what Gem, that actually is the dream. We want this to happen more than you’ll ever know.

Not only did she prove herself to be perfect for a part on the program in her open audio audition there; but going off TOWIE alone, her real life already rivals the soap in terms of drama.

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