We’ll be seeing more of the GC…

She’s had her fair share of drama since joining the Dancing On Ice team earlier this month – but there is a silver lining for Gemma Collins, who is about to embark on a huge career move.

The TOWIE star will be adding reporter to her CV as she is set to join the team at Good Morning Britain.



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Gemma will sit alongside Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid on Monday to take on the role of entertainment reporter – but don’t worry, Richard Arnold will still be on hand to keep the GC on the right path.

An ITV source said to Digital Spy: ‘We’re really excited to have Gemma Collins joining the team for the day.

‘It’s certainly going to be a lively morning. With Piers, Richard and the GC live in the studio, anything could happen.’

We certainly hope so!


We already know that Piers is a fan of the GC after he defended her live on air after she slipped on the ice during last weekend’s DOI episode.

But being the GC we all know and love, she was quickly back on her feet to continue her routine.

Speaking on GMB, Piers praised Gemma, saying: ‘That took balls, I’m serious.

‘You fall on national TV, you fall flat on your face on the ice. This is why I don’t ice skate, I couldn’t do what she does.’

He continued: ‘She’s been fat shamed so badly on social media, the amount of people just mocking her.

‘But compare her to Tess Holliday, who puts pictures on Instagram eating cakes or whatever… Gemma Collins is actually trying, she’ll lose weight doing this. This is a hard, gruelling show to do.’

One thing is for sure, we’ll be tuning into GMB on Monday…