TOWIE star Gemma Collins recently appeared on controversial personality Katie Hopkin's chat show

Katie Hopkins is never one to shy away from controversy or bite her tongue on her opinion, and although that may rub some people up the wrong way, TOWIE star Gemma Collins thinks that may just be the key to how the world running smoothly.

‘If Katie Hopkins ruled the world, I think she’d do a good job at it.’

‘Underneath it all, I think she’s a sweet fluffy cat but I don’t think people see that side to her.’

Maybe less kitty cat and more of a panther, but yeah sure.

The 34-year-old Essex lass told the Daily Mirror that despite Katie throwing in some digs at her past when she appeared on her new TV chat show, If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World, that if it life were to imitate art and the 40-year-old former Apprentice contestant DID run things around here, it might not be the worst thing to happen to the world.

Katie’s new show debuted on Thursday on TLC and while she’s may be busy debating with her guests about everything and anything, Gemma’s got plans to meet up with her former I’m a Celebrity camp mate, Kendra WIlikinson.

‘I’m going away for five weeks on a weight-loss plan. So afterwards I’ll look very, vert different.’

‘I’m going [to] celebrate my newfound curves by hitting the Playboy mansion. Then we’ll call up the Kardashians.’

The Playboy mansion eh? Maybe our girl Gems will become the new Playboy bunny to be draped on Hugh Hefner‘s arm?

‘Hugh Hefner? Old boys ain’t really my style.’

Fair dos. But we cannot wait to see this GC and Kim K selfie. It’ll be fabulous for sure!

Gemma says she’s a size 18 now, but will be coming out of her retreat as a sassy size 14, which is the smallest she’s ever been. Whatever size though, we always love a good ol’ dose of the GC!

Have fun over the pond with your gal Kendra – bring us back a souvenir!

You’ll never guess WHAT beauty treatment Katie Hopkins has had!


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Amy Lo