We can't wait to hear this!

Gemma Collins is attempting to break into the music charts with a ballad inspired by her on/off relationship with boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent.

Gemma Collins

The 38-year-old is hoping her debut single, Come Home, will help launch her music career, and she’s even teamed up with super producer Naughty Boy.


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Confirming their collaboration, Naughty Boy – who has worked with the likes of Sam Smith and Beyonce – admitted he thinks The GC could be a huge star.

‘She was born to sing, it’s just that she’s actually taken a different route with it,’ he said.

‘But I think Gemma is going to have one of the biggest songs of the year, I can say that with my hand on my heart.’

Gemma and Naughy Boy, whose real name is Shahid Khan, met at The Brit Awards last month and have been working on launching her music career ever since.

He continued to The Sun: ‘I saw her and we had this instant synergy. That room at the Brits is full of superstars, but for me, Gemma was shining brighter.

‘She sung me a part of Running, the Beyonce song, and when she sung me that, I was thinking, “This girl can actually sing”, she’s got a personality and she’s got a following. This is the new age superstar.

Gemma Collins

‘When people hear the music and hear her voice, I think it’s going to take her up a notch.

‘I don’t consider Gemma a reality TV person, I consider her a superstar.’

Speaking about Gemma’s first single, the 34-year-old added: ‘It’s definitely a romantic song and Gemma’s got such a big heart, it makes a lot of sense of her whole life right now.

‘She’s still working things out with Arg but they make such a good couple and when they’re good, they’re good.’

We certainly can’t wait to hear it…