So, Gemma Collins is returning to TOWIE- but it's going to be pretty emotional.

If we told you that the GC was to return to TOWIE, you’d probably start jumping through hoops or something- right?!

Sadly, this isn’t going to be the case- as Gemma Collins is rumoured to be returning to the show, but for a very heartbreaking reason. Major sad faces all round.

So, it’s rumoured GC will be returning in order to comfort long term BFF Bobby Norris– after the tragic death of his beloved dog.

A source has told The Sun: ‘Bobby is devastated after what happened to Beau [his dog], it was so horrible and Gemma just had to be there for him.They’re so close and Bobby is just so upset about losing Beau and Gemma decided to come back to the show to to support him’.

Talking of the sad event, TOWIE star Bobby shared in since deleted tweets that he was ‘absolutely heartbroken to announce that whilst on a walk with my baby Beau, he was mauled to death by another dog…. Owners should take responsibility for their pets to avoid these tragedies. There’s no such thing as dangerous dogs, just dangerous owners’.

29-year-old Bobby also took to Instagram to share an emotional post, which he captioned with a heart broken emoji.


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35-year-old Gemma quit TOWIE back last summer, which she later revealed was due to the cruel comments she would receive about her appearance.

At the time, Gemma shared that ‘all the abuse on social media was a big reason [for me quitting]. People think I’m tough as nails but I’m soft as s**t at the end of the day. I understand I came across as a b**ch the way it was edited but I didn’t deserve all the abuse’.

It’s official. We’ve got the blues.

Alice Perry