Oh Gemma... 😂

Gemma Collins has revealed some VERY graphic information about her on-off relationship with James Argent.

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Never one to hold back, the GC has shared some rather grim downsides to her boyfriend’s healthy food swaps.

The former TOWIE star has revealed that she found her on-off boyfriend James Argent’s ‘diet’ breath so disgusting that she vomited all over the toilet seat – yuck!


The 38-year-old admitted that while Arg has been making healthy swaps in a bid to shed excess pounds, the food has been giving him bad breath that she’s found hard to stomach.

Speaking candidly on her BBC Sounds podcast, Gemma told listeners that waking up next to Arg ‘was like a scene from Alien’.

‘His breath smelled so bad I was actually sick,’ she said. ‘I woke up and he breathed and said good morning and I started to retch.’

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Adding further details of the ordeal, Gemma said: ‘I retched from the bathroom, all along the landing. I obliterated the bathroom.

‘We had to take the toilet seat off.’

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Gemma credited Arg’s halitosis to the strict food regime he’s been on ahead of his new fitness show.

Although poor Arg has already been hitting the gym lately for his upcoming charity show, Sink or Swim in support of Stand Up To Cancer, he’s also realised he needs to prioritise his dental hygiene and will visit a dentist soon, according to Gemma.

We recently reported that Arg is worried about his healthy as he’s hit his heaviest weight of 24 stone. However, it’s not just Arg who’s been battling weight gain.

Gemma has been facing her own dieting difficulties recently as she opened up about her weight struggles and how she ‘doesn’t know why she’s overweight’.

Hope you all had strong stomachs for THAT piece of news!