Does one even know who the other is? Probably not…

Oh we’re in full General Election 2015 swing right now. After six weeks of gruelling campaigning, our party leaders can finally stop pretending to be charismatic and sit back and pray that they’ve done enough to get people to vote for them.

You may think that all being a politician involves is rolling sleeves up, breaking promises and pretending to like Twitter, but sometimes they get to hang out with celebrity folk as well…


Seriously, there’s nothing funnier than a politician meeting a celebrity of whose identity they are absolutely clueless to, but know they need to fake it to seem ‘down with the kids’, ‘in touch with the common man’ and ‘cool.’

Equally celebs need those politicians too. Hanging out and getting a selfie with one shows that your head isn’t just filled with teeth whitening and thoughts that go: ‘me, me, me’, but actually have some of those opinion things.

Check out some of our favourite celebrity meets politician moments.

Remember Boris Johnson hanging out with the Cheeky Girls? He clearly didn’t know where to look so hid his embarrassment by laughing like a blond walrus.

Then there’s the time David Cameron posed for a picture with the controversial Katie Hopkins, before later slamming Ed Miliband for hanging out with Russell Brand.

Our picture of MiliBrand looks like they’re about to engage in some kind of rap battle, while his selfie with Lily Allen is so beautifully awkward it brings a tear to our eye.

For the first time in his life David Cameron was the envy of
teenage girls when he was wedged between One Direction for their One Way
Or Another (Teenage Kicks) video, although Harry Styles did look like he wanted to eat him…

We know Edwina Currie isn’t an MP any more but we couldn’t help including this brilliant picture. We’ve never seen a woman look so besotted as when she met Joey Essex, maybe Essex boy charms are just too much for Eddie.