It's probably for the best right now, Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie...

We were sad but totally unsurprised to hear about Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie’s breakup on tonight’s Geordie Shore episode. The split follows a LOT of fighting, and it got to the point where even the pair’s friends got involved.

First, Chloe Ferry had a few drinks and sounded off to Holly about her relationship: Everyone liked you better when you were a s***. Kyle doesn’t want to be with you anyway.’ OUCH!

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Meanwhile, discussing the couple’s issues with his mate Gaz, Kyle decided to end things with Holly. He also revealed his intention in talks to the camera.

Sitting Holly down, he told her: ‘I love you more than any other person I’ve met in my life. But I can’t put you through this anymore, I’m literally breaking your heart every f***ing night.’

To be honest, it looks like it’s for the best: season 11 has seen the pair go through a lot of ups and downs, which including Holly chasing Kyle with a pool cue and Kyle abandoning Holly shortly after they tried to resolve their issues in the sack in the ‘shag pad’. Plus, later in the episode, Kyle leaves Holly distraught when he snogs another girl – hours after their breakup. You’re better off without him, Holly!

But Holly seems to have made her peace with the split, telling BANG Showbiz: ‘If we’d stayed together we’d have ended up killing each other, so we just said that as long as we’re on Geordie Shore, we can’t be together.’ You go girl!

Watch the split TONIGHT on MTV’s Geordie Shore. Catch up on all the latest Geordie Shore news here.