Sex expert Annabelle Knight gives the low-down on the MTV stars' expressions ahead of National Orgasm Day on 31 July 2014

Vicky Pattison oozes confidence! She’s pulled her hair over the typically sexual body parts – shoulders, collarbone, nape of the neck, bringing all the attention to her face.

Vicky knows she’s hot, and she doesn’t need to flaunt those other sexy body parts to prove it. Her eyes are fully closed, showing that Vicky likes to feel connected to her partner both physically and emotionally.

She’s completely lost in the moment – by shutting her eyes and shutting out her primary sense of sight Vicky is heightening her other senses. Keeping her hands out of her hair Vicky is freeing them up for … ahem… other activities.

All in all Vicky is a firecracker in the bedroom – her confidence proves that when it comes to bedroom fun, Vicky knows exactly what she wants.