You won't believe how different she looks

Since Chloe Ferry joined Geordie Shore back in 2014, she hasn’t been one to shy away from plastic surgery and openly talks about what she’s had done.

Chloe Ferry

At just 21-years-old the Newcastle lass has already admitted to a long list of cosmetic touch ups including lip, jaw and cheek fillers, an eyebrow lift, a nose job, Botox and tattooed eyebrows.


And all of this doesn’t come cheap, as Chloe recently revealed she’s splashed out well over £50k on procedures so far. Blimey!

But it looks like the reality star is not done quite yet, as she recently confirmed she’ll be going under the knife yet again, this time to get her boobs done as well as a second rhinoplasty.

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Explaining the reason behind her decision, Chloe told The Mirror: ‘I had a boob uplift last year because I was really insecure about them. I used to think I had the best boobs ever until people commented on my photos saying, “Your boobs are saggy”.

‘But even after the uplift I still wasn’t happy. When I first got with Sam [Gowland] I was really self-conscious about getting my boobs out.

‘I’ve always wanted my chest done properly and I just think going slightly bigger will look really nice.’

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After confessing that she’s also having her nose tweaked so it ‘will be more in proportion with her face’, the telly star added: ‘The summer is just around the corner, I’ve got holidays coming up, and I can’t wait to be able to look amazing in a bikini.’

And it looks like she’s not the only one who can’t wait, as former Love Islander Sam tweeted his girlfriend on Sunday: ‘Can’t wait to see ya boobs tomorrow after you’ve had them done !!!!  ya good looking little f**ker ‪@Chloe_GShore’.

Who said romance was dead?

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So, as Chloe prepares to go under the knife again, here’s a look back at her dramatic transformation…