Uh-oh, Geordie Shore trouble

Someone has upset Geordie Shore‘s Aaron Chalmers and fans are going wild with speculation.

Earlier the tattooed hunk posted a very angry tweet to his followers, but kept it quite cryptic.

He wrote in a now-deleted tweet: ‘Have to laugh at a certain someone’s tweets!! Absolute pathetic but also hilarious at the same time!! Attention seeking c**t’

Aaron Chalmers

Yikes, the big swear means this is some big trouble.

Immediately fans began speculating to him, with many suggesting he ‘make his own Q&A’ much like Marnie did the night before.

However, Aaron has ruled out it was directed towards Marnie Simpson at all on Twitter:

Aaron Chalmers


Despite this, fans have still been speculating that it might be Marnie, because of the Q&A. If you need a crash course, just watch their tumultuous attempts at a relationship on this series’ Geordie Shore.

The Newcastle beauty took the questions from fans and many focused on Aaron’s best mate, Gaz Beadle. [GIF] Marnie Simpson Geordie Shore

One fan wrote: ‘Do you think there’s still hope for Charlotte & Gary? #askmarnie’

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.56.29 And she replied: ‘She’s too good for him on every level in my eyes.’


Another asked: ‘Do you think @GazGShore will ever change?’

Aaron Chalmers The reply: ‘Never he’s incapable of it.’

This is all to do with the threesome rumours surrounding Gaz during his time on Ex On the Beach. Allegedly, he slept with two of his cast-mates, despite the fact Charlotte Crosby said they could never be together if he cheated.

Would saying mean things to Aaron’s bezzie get him annoyed enough to lash out on Twitter?

Well, he did get a mention in a certain question.

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One fan wrote: ‘If Aaron was to invite you on a romantic holiday abroad to make you his girlfriend, would you take the offer?’

Aaron Chalmers She replied: ‘That ship has sailed.’

If there’s drama going on here, we hope they sort it out soon!

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