This Geordie lass has come under fire for her recent antics

In case you missed the super cute Insta posts and string of gushing Tweets, Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson is very much loved-up with TOWIE lad Lewis Bloor after they got it on in this year’s Celeb Big Brother.

But there is one rather awkward hiccup in their relationship – the new series of the MTV show was filmed months ago, back when Marnie was still flirting up a storm with co-star and then boyfriend, Aaaron Chalmers.

Scotty T Geordie Shore Innuendo Bingo gif

Uh oh.

In a sneak peak of next week’s episode things will be getting MEGA awks chez Bloor/Simpson as the Geordie lass plays nurse to Aaron who has hurt his knee.

And by ‘playing nurse’ we mean she gets naked and into a bath with him while filming in Aiya Napa. Marnie and her ex cosy up as Aaron struggles to keep his bandaged knee out of the water.


But since the show was filmed back before Marnie started dating fellow reality star Lewis, the bad timing can’t be helped, right?


Well it turns out some fans clearly don’t understand the format of the show and have been accusing Marnie of cheating, so the 24-year-old has hit back with one swift tweet, telling her followers: ‘Any1 tweets anything about me and Aaron you will be instantly blocked simple. It was filmed b4 I was with Lewis, bore off !!!!’

You tell ’em, Marns.

Her ex, Aaron even got involved, confirming: ‘@MarnieGShore we are friends and that’s it’

Glad we settled that one.

And fans were quick to jump to the pair’s defence, with one tweeting: ‘Haters gonna hate. As long as your happy that’s all that matters’ and another adding: ‘you tell them marns, some ppl just dont get it’

Lewis recently spoken out about his girlfriend’s partying ways, saying he ‘would love Marnie to never have to go back to the Geordie Shore house, because he love her.

‘It’s her choice, though – she’s my girlfriend and I support her. But she’s only 25, and her interests are elsewhere in life.’

Aww! Nice to see they are still going strong.

Geordie Shore continues on Tuesdays at 10pm, only on MTV.