Under-cover humping on the BIG SCREEN?

In so-bad-it’s-good news today: there’s apparently a Geordie Shore MOVIE in the works.

It’s not going to be an extended episode of the MTV show though. Instead, it’s going to be based on the movie The Hangover. But with Gaz Beadle and Chloe Ferry instead of Bradley Cooper and Zack Galifankis.

The movie isn’t just a pipedream, either, as the script has been written and MTV are already in talks. So we could actually be seeing Scotty T as the next Leonardo DiCaprio…


Gaz Beadle told The Sun: ‘A Geordie Shore film is actually in talks. There’s a company who’s making it and the script has already been written.

‘Someone’s going to film it and then they’re going to go to MTV and say, :Look, do you guys want it? Then get involved or we’re going to make.” We’d be in it. It would be our movie.’

A exclusive look at the plot of the film, probably...

A exclusive look at the plot of the film, probably…

But while the other cast members like Marnie Simpson, Aaron Chalmers, Holly Hagan and Nathan Henry would definitely be involved, the scriptwriters are contriving to keep Scotty T out of the movie for as long as possible.

Why? Because he’s a NIGHTMARE to film, allegedly.

Gaz continued: ‘The plot would be like The Hangover – we would lose Scott at the beginning or something.

‘They thought Scott would be a nightmare to film so thought they could lose him at the beginning and then find him at the end.

‘Imagine if we did it and won an Oscar? I’d be f***ing buzzing mate.’

Worse ideas have won it mate, we have full faith in you.