Charlotte Crosby makes a shock confession that could rock Gary Beadle's new relationship

Charlotte Crosby has always had an on-off romance with Gary Beadle and now she’s sensationally claimed that it was still ON when Gaz got together with new girlfriend Lillie Gregg.

The Geordie Shore lass, 25, was seen getting upset when Gaz introduced Lillie on the show in scenes screened last month and she claims that this was because she was sleeping with Gaz at the time.

‘None of this was explained on the show but Gary had lied all about him and Lillie,’ says Charlotte.

‘They’d been together while he was still having sex with me.’

Charlotte says that she last hooked up with Gaz when she was on a break from boyfriend Mitch Jenkins last year.

But Gaz isn’t taking the allegations lying down. 

A friend close to Gary told Now: ‘It’s completely untrue – since becoming a couple they’ve only had eyes for each other. They’ve been making plans for their future together and Gaz and Lillie couldn’t be happier.

‘Just because Charlotte can’t have a stable relationship doesn’t mean Gaz can’t. She needs to accept Gaz is in love, he’s settled down and has found someone really classy and lovely and has moved on. Charlotte loves creating drama and needs to move on too.’

Despite their various liaisons, Charlotte insists that she doesn’t have a good relationship with Gaz these days and isn’t in contact with him when they’re not filming Geordie Shore.

‘I don’t speak to that boy outside the house. That’s not love,’ she says. ‘Gary could get into an accident now and break his neck. I don’t care.’

The shock allegations come after Gaz spoke to Now about his love for 23-year-old fashion designer Lillie last month. Even though he’s got a reputation as a lothario, the Geordie Shore lad admitted that he’d been tamed by Lillie and had even told her that he loved her.

Charlotte doesn’t seem to have high highs for their relationship though as she thinks Gary will tire of it.

‘He’ll get really boring and he’ll hate that so then he might finish with her, then string her along,’ she tells The Sun.

‘He’s a good actor, like making people believe he ever cared for me.’

Charlotte reunited with property developer beau Mitch in February and feels very content, with the couple planning to buy a house together.

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