The Geordie Shore new girl, Chloe Etherington, certainly looks set to ruffle a few feathers...

As the newbie in the Geordie Shore house, you’d think Chloe Etherington maybe a little nervous. But this is one 19-year-old who knows a thing or two about keeping up in terms of partying hard. 

Chloe, who’s a proper party girl from Newcastle, was spotted by producers of the MTV show when she was on a night out. She jumped at the chance to join the cast and the rest is history. 

Here she talks about what it’s like being the ‘new girl’ and how she has her eye on a certain TOWIE boy…

As a newbie, were your castmates welcoming?
On the third day we got back from a night out and Gary said: ‘We’ll do a few shots, then tell each other secrets.’ I think he was testing me, but I ‘passed’. Marnie and Nathan [Henry] are my best friends.

What scandals can we expect?
Someone explodes at me for being messy. Everyone laughed, as it came out of nowhere. There were arguments every two days! I had a massive fight with one of the girls – with punches. I argued quite a lot with Scott [Timlin] when we got drunk. He can get on your nerves. But we’d make up the next day.

Do you hook up with anyone?
I can’t remember! I think on the first night I might have had a kiss with Aaron.

Are you dating?
I’m not a dating person: 
I’d rather go to McDonald’s and stuff my face with chicken! What’s the point of a relationship at 19?

Who’s your ideal guy?

Tom Pearce from TOWIE. I think he’s perfect. His smile 
makes me shiver.

Are your boobs real?
Yep, but I’ve had fillers in my cheeks and lips. I’d always wanted them – I was going to 
get them with my student loan money, but used my first pay cheque from the show instead.

WATCH! Geordie Shore’s Nathan and Chloe play ‘Who Said What?’

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