Gaz has unusual friendship with model

Geordie Shore star Gary Beadle is still in touch with Cara Delevingne.

The reality star opened up about his bizarre relationship with the model, 21, earlier this year after they had a flirty Twitter exchange but he’s not sure if it’ll go any further.

‘I still talk to her. I Snapchat her quite a bit,’ says Gaz, 25.

‘I dunno [if I fancy her], I’d get pissed with her. Nothing romantic has happened. I just like down-to-earth people.

‘I hate people who act the big time, and I thought she would be like that cos she is the biggest model in the world.

‘But you’ll be like: “What you doing?” and she’ll be like: “Scoffing my face with McDonald’s, what you doing?”‘

But despite their closeness, Gaz still struggles to pronounce Cara’s surname.

‘She followed me on Twitter. I didn’t who she was,’ he admits.

‘I went to my mates: “Cara Delavengey – I still can’t say her name – is following me, who’s she?”

‘On the phone, I went: “Is your name Delavengey?” and she said I could call her that.’

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