Geordie Shore’s party-animal Holly Hagan opens up even more about her harrowing past

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan has got us all choked up with her latest Instagram post. We mean, REALLY chocked up.

The 22-year-old northern lass, who has previously opened-up about her suicidal teenage years uploaded a photo of an upsetting short-story.

The Instagram picture that Holly posted, alongside the caption ‘Keep fighting’, said:

‘At 6 she wanted to be a ballerina; at 8 she wanted to be a veterinarian; at 10 she wanted to be a teacher; at 13 she wanted to be pretty; at 16 she wanted to be dead.’

The picture continued with:

‘But, at 18 she graduates high school; at 20 she studies for her final; at 22 she gets her diploma; at 24 she finds her career; at 26 she whispers ‘I do’; at 28 she holds her new born child; at 30 she wipes her tears and says I made it.’

Eeesh. We’re kinda lost for words. Assuming that Holly is referring to herself in this distressing post, we just wanna give the gorgeous Newcastle lady a big bear-hug and hope the dream of those next few years come true.

In her autobiography, Not Quite A Geordie, Holly speaks out about self-harming and how years of intense bullying pushed Holly to the edge.

Referring to a specific moment when she locked herself in a bathroom after being terrorised by bullies, Holly revealed:

‘I went home that evening and closed myself in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, at my face that was awash with tears and mascara.’

She added:

‘The more I looked at myself, the more disgusted I became with my reflection before me. My eyes lit on a razor that was next to the bathroom cabinet. Before I knew it I’d taken the blade out and held it up to the light carefully between my first two fingers.’

Holly then revealed that she made a ‘deep cut and watched as the blood trickled out.’

‘It was like an instant release,’ confessed the reality star.

Holly, we reckon you’re just perfect.

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