Former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison reveals how she quit 'emotional' eating to get her amazing body

One of the things we love about former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison is that she’s still just a normal lass. So she knows exactly what it’s like to pile on the pounds in a cosy relationship – then reach for the comfort food when the love affair comes to an end.

After her break-up with fiancé and former co-star Ricci Guarnaccio in June 2013, Vicky, 27, went from a size 10 to a 16. But through diet and exercise – and a lot of willpower – just five months later she slimmed down to a size 6.

A year later, Vicky‘s managed to maintain her slender and toned look – even in the face of temptation. As she puts it: ‘Alcohol’s the dieting devil – it’s just pure sugar and sticks on you from your nipples to your knees.’

Here, in our inspirational body exclusive, Vicky tells Now how she did it…

Wow, you look amazing, Vicky! What’s your secret for maintaining your weight loss?
Thanks! I was at my heaviest around the time I was breaking up with Ricci and I got myself into a place where I was unhappy, not confident and I wasn’t in control of my life and body. Getting into exercise and fitness and diet was my way of taking positive steps to take back the control and power over my life.

How much weight did you lose?
At my biggest I was just short of 12st – now I’m 8st 10lb. I had a big weekend recently and the day after I ate all the chips in the world! My body tends to be comfortable between 8st 7lb and 9st. I don’t put an awful lot of pressure on myself any more in terms of getting on the scales – I go by how my clothes fit. If I’m getting into a size 6-8, then I’m feeling nice.

Has it been difficult for you to stay in shape?
I find it hard. It’s 90 days to start a habit and 90 days to break it. There’s still no day when I walk into a restaurant and think: ‘I’m so excited to have the chicken, greens and shredded root veg.’
I want the burger, the crème brûlée and the wine. It’s natural to want something that tastes great – it’s just striking a balance. I’m essentially a really fat person – there’s a Michelle McManus inside me dying to get out all the time and she almost wins when I go out. At home, I’ve got her at bay: ‘Shut up you fat slag, you’re having your chicken and your vegetables and you’re gonna f***ing like it – and afterwards you’re doing your DVD!’ When I get outside, skinny Vicky loses her willpower and Big Fat Mama Plump comes out.

Do you ever worry that you’ll put on weight again?
It’s a constant fear. I’m not a tall woman – I’m 5ft 6in, which is average. On a short frame, half a stone – which is so easy to put on – takes me from looking good to, well… big. Especially now
I’ve had my boobs done, going from a 32B to a 32D – bigger boobs can make you look bigger. I’ve had such a massive body transformation this year and I’m still struggling with it all because I couldn’t exercise. I had this intense fear I’d get my boobs done and not be able to train, then lying around recovering would make me gain all the weight so I’d look like a massive bag of piss who doesn’t look like she’s had her boobs done – she just has fat tits. The fear’s been so real. Vicky Fat Tits Pattison – who wants that?

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