Turns out Vicky Pattison prefers having a BATH to getting frisky!

Vicky Pattison might have hooked up with fellas on screen during her Geordie Shore days but she’s definitely not looking for love right now.

The 27-year-old reality star is loving the single life after several bad relationship and doesn’t miss sex either. In fact she insists that she’d rather have a BATH than get frisky!

‘Life is good at the minute and a man would just complicate things, because that’s all blokes do,’ says Vicky.

‘I’ve not had one relationship that added to me life in a positive way, all they’ve done is stress us out. They drain us. And me life becomes about them.

‘I’m not frustrated at all, either. I’m not a highly sexual person anyway.

‘I can not be bothered mate. Honestly, if I have a bit of time off, I’d rather have a nice bath.’

Well we weren’t expecting THAT bombshell! Vicky – who broke up with her last long-term boyfriend James Morgan in November – does pine for some aspects of a relationship though.

‘I mean, I love kissing and I miss that,’ she explains. ‘I’m missing the companionship… but I know what I’m working towards is bigger than a cuddle.’

Vicky‘s focus is on her career. The Newcastle lass has recently been filming new TV show Judge Geordie and she also has several other ventures on the go, including two ghostwritten novels and her range of nutritional products.

It’s probably a good job then that the busy star doesn’t have a man in her life. She’s clearly enjoying her freedom and is very happy to do her own thing.

‘[I’m] so, so single!’ she tells Fabulous magazine. ‘I’ve got nowt in me locker. Which is actually quite liberating, to be putting meself first.

‘With the right bloke you shouldn’t have to try, you should wake up every morning and things should just be nice.

‘Until that bloke comes along, the rest of them can just f**k off.’

Judge Geordie starts on Wednesday 3 June at 9pm on MTV.

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