Vicky's breasts have shrunk after weight loss

Vicky Pattison has some concerns about having a boob job.

The Geordie Shore star noticed her breasts get smaller after she slimmed down from a size 16 to a size 6/8 last year so she’s considering surgery to give them a boost.

But Vicky, 26, is keen that her assets don’t end up as large as those seen on some of her pals from reality show The Valleys.

‘I lost the weight and my boobs shrivelled up into empty sacks,’ the Newcastle lass says.

‘RIP Vicky‘s boobs. I don’t have the cleavage I want. I do want surgery on them but I am a bit scared.

‘I want them to look right. I wouldn’t go too big. God bless The Valleys girls but I couldn’t go that big.

‘I would say I am a 32C now and I wouldn’t mind being a 32DD. I just want full boobs that look nice in a bikini.

‘In the gym I feel like a boy. They look like two paracetamols.’

Vicky‘s feeling much happier since transforming her bod and thinks a breast enlargement would be the icing on the cake.

‘I’ve never been the most confident person when it comes to sex, I’ve always been a lights off girl,’ the reality star tells the Daily Star.

‘But now if I was to go there with a lad I’d have the lights on, but with a bra on. Hopefully the boob job would help that.’

Vicky stars in new MTV dating show Ex On The Beach, which starts on 22 April at 10pm.

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