From sex parties to reuniting siblings, Vicky Pattison's been doing it all lately!

If you’re wondering what Vicky Pattison’s been up to since quitting Geordie Shore, well she’s only been casually saving the nation’s problems. As you do.

The 27-year-old feisty reality star has landed her own MTV show titled Judge Geordie, which see’s her reuniting estranged family members, scrapping with seven-foot drag queens and supervising sex parties.

And if it doesn’t already sound bloody hilarious enough, we quizzed Vic (and her hunky show sidekick Alex Cannon) on what wildness we can expect.

Right, tell us about the show then…
Vicky: It’s basically Jeremy Kyle meets Catfish, but I’m less of a helment than Jeremy. I thought we’d just go round calling everyone tossers and dishing out my no nonsense advice – but a lot of the time the people we meet are really nice and just need someone to help mediate a problem.

What’s your role, Alex?
Alex: I’m kind of the driver, side kick and security…
Vicky: He’s the voice of reason!

Did you ever have to step in and save Vicky?
Alex: [Laughs] Do you think she needs protecting?
Vicky: We’ve had drinks thrown at us, chairs going flying, security jumping in. It’s mad. Some people can’t handle the truth.

How many problems have you successfully solved?
Vicky: It’s hit and miss, but I’m taking it seriously. Sometimes people come and really need that shoulder to cry on, but sometimes they’re just right cocks. Britain is messed up, and people are crazy. I’m not a miracle worker!

What’s been the oddest one so far?
Vicky: I got sent to catch out a sex addict that had fallen off the wagon. He claimed he was looking for love, but I found him at a sex party. I had to supervise it. If you thought Geordie Shore was wild, wait for this!
Alex: I got well stuck in…if you know what I mean
Vicky: One second everyone was having a glass of champagne and it was very socialable, and the next thing you know everyone’s got their kit off whipping eachother. I don’t think I’ll be going to another.

Do you get emotionally involved?
Vicky: I do yeah, some of these people have actual genuine problems, and they’ve become so bogged down that it all gets overwhelming. It’s actually quite heartbreaking. I’ve reunited a father with a son, and it’s hard not to get emotional when you see them crying.
Alex: It’s changed her!
Vicky: F-off, it hasn’t! I’ve still got my wild and opinionated side, and if someone crosses me or mugs me off I will go wild.

Reckon your next relationship will be a bit more success now you’ve helped save so many?
Vicky: I’m never having one again! The show has put me off them for good, people are nuts and everyone lies. I’m single for life.

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Judge Geordie premieres on Wednesday 3rd June, 9pm, on MTV.