See how Holly's changed her style over the years

On Geordie Shore, Holly Hagan has debuted new hairstyles countless times.

With her long mane being dyed bright red or electric blue colours, she’s always a step ahead with her wacky style.

Holly shows off her curly crimson locks on Instagram on 7 January 2013, which she accessorises with a cosy grey beanie hat.

But she doesn’t stick to the colour for long – she soon swaps it for lilac and styles it half-up, splitting her fringe in half.

Just in time for Halloween on 31 October 2013, Holly shows off her latest look – long bright blue hair which she lets sit naturally on her shoulders.

Swapping this hue for a more natural brunette shade on 3 December 2013, Holly models her fourth hair colour of the year, adding blonde to the ends to make it more edgy.

Preparing for her wild nights out with the rest of the cast from Geordie Shore, Holly Hagan always ensures she looks glamorous.

She tongs her brown locks and places them to the side on 14 June 2014.

Wanting to always be camera ready on Geordie Shore, Holly Hagan likes to keep her bouffant looking longer by using extensions.

Her ‘do is sleek in a snap she posts on 2 May 2014 but on 19 May 2014 she shows that it’s all because of the fake additions.

She shows off her naturally short coiffure in a pretty selfie on 27 August 2014.

But Holly doesn’t always have her hair looking super-neat and polished. On 14 September 2014, she allows it to stay wavy in the Ibiza sun.

During a hike on 18 June 2014, Holly puts her tendrils into a messy ponytail and on 19 October 2014, she ties her mane in a shaggy bun on top of her head.

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