Reality TV star is using the drug recreationally

Former Geordie Shore star Scotty T has revealed he still takes cocaine, despite having spent time in rehab for his drug problem.

The 30-year-old has given a very candid interview, where he revealed why he was taking the class A drug every day and how his situation spiralled out of control.


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Despite being anti-drugs and anti-smoking, Scotty fell into a certain lifestyle after finding fame on MTV reality series Geordie Shore.

‘I suffer with ADHD so I couldn’t drink Red Bull because it made it worse. I was overthinking things and my anxiety was through the roof. I couldn’t even leave the house, it was horrible,’ he told The Sun Online.

‘To cope I’d have cocaine. It helps me focus and concentrate. I was using it every day when I was off the rails and doing PAs up and down the UK – sometimes I was doing three in one day. I didn’t know how else to cope.

‘I’ve never talked about this before because it’s such a hard subject. I’ve been to the brink and managed to pull myself back again. But it’s been horrendous.’

Back in 2017, Scotty booked himself into a rehab facility in Scotland for a fortnight – but he soon began using again once filming resumed and he started attending club PAs.

At the beginning of 2018, the Celebrity Big Brother winner was sacked by MTV when pictures emerged of him snoring cocaine.

Explaining how the death of several friends led him to take more drugs, Scotty admitted: ‘I was using a lot then. But then everything started to go wrong and it got even worse.

‘I got to such a low depressed point but I managed to pull myself out of it. I went to Thailand – when I’ve got myself in these really low points, I’ve got myself out of them and it’s made me stronger.’

However, despite his rehab stays – Scotty has revealed he still  takes cocaine now and again.

‘I take it on a recreational basis but it’s not a necessity like it used to be. I know my limits,’ he added.