The reality TV star is enjoying the quiet life

Gaz Beadle has slammed TV producers for making him a ‘puppet’ during his six years on Geordie Shore.

Gaz Beadle

The 31-year-old was the show’s resident lothario – best known for his ‘parsnip’ privates and on/off relationship with Charlotte Crosby – but he hung up his boots in 2017 after revealing his girlfriend, Emma McVey, was pregnant with their first child.

And now the first-time dad has revealed he couldn’t be happier with his decision to retire from the limelight to focus on spending time with their one-year-old son, Chester.

Gaz’s admission came during a heated exchange with a Twitter user who claimed to ‘feel bad’ for him for becoming ‘irrelevant’ since leaving Geordie Shore.


‘Feel so bad for @GazGShore he’s so irrelevant these days, nothing but video game and babies sucks to be you bro,’ the fan tweeted.

To which Gaz replied: ‘If only u new how nice it felt to be irrelevant spent 7/8 years being a little puppet to management and tv producers… being normal and having family is actually amazing… oh and not to mention the stuff I invested in all paid off so I can enjoy it.. but yer thanks.’


Gaz Beadle

Fans flocked to support Gaz, claiming he’s one of the most successful reality TV stars to come out of the show.

‘Out of all reality stars Gaz been by far smartest and made a ton of money and seems to be leading a happy and healthy life away from cameras. A lot have their 20 seconds but fair he’s made millions.’ Preach!

Gaz Beadle

He and Emma are ‘loving every minute’ of parenthood, although it’s been a rollercoaster.

‘Wow… when people say they will grow up fast your like yer what ever… then you look back at a pic like this… crazy… but loving every minute.’