Howoy Scotty T!

Remember when Hugo Taylor and Millie Mackintosh were nothing more than angry MIC people who had a fun but pricey habit of throwing drinks (which probably cost the entire price of our education and maybe this weeks Tesco shop too) at each other?

[GIF] Millie Mackintosh Hugo Taylor Made In Chelsea

Nowadays, they’re just causing full blow Twitter meltdowns. Which is, you know, equally as enjoyable.

So, this is the 411: on Sunday, Millie finally became insta-official with her ex-boyfriend (pre-Pro Green) Hugo Taylor. This caused all manner of scandal as the insta-announcement was days after her two-year marriage to Pro ended in a 30 second court room showdown.

What a perfect end to an amazing weekend #hugodirty30 💋

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Since going official, 32-year-old Professor Green had taken to Twitter to throw a good ol’ measure of shade at the MIC original. E.g:

Around this time, pictures were being leaked which were (arguably) none-too-flattering of Millie.

Now, we don’t think it’s much of a quinky-dink that Pro THEN tweeted ‘London’s gurning’. Strong word play there Sir, very strong word play…

Did it all pipe down there? OH HELL NO- as Geordie Shore’s Scotty T has gone and chucked his rather hilarious two cents in, quote tweeting Pro with the caption: ‘this is what life is about!! Say what you think f**k beating around the bush‘.

Won’t lie fella’s, not many bushes have been beaten around.

Alice Perry