Why is Scotty is trouble this time?!

In todays news, people are arguing about a very controversial and highly sensitive topic after a statement thrown about by Geordie Shore‘s Scotty T.

Thats right. People are arguing about…. toothpaste.

No, really.

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So, this is the sitch- as per, Scotty T has taken to Twitter to share his outrageous (and v. funny) opinions on life.

This time, he had decided to call out his fellow famous faces for promoting companies on social media.

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Sharing with his 1mil Twitter followers, the Geordie ‘fella writes: ‘Have you even been on a Reality show if you don’t sell charcoal toothpaste on your instagram though’.

Now, whilst Scotty may simply be commenting on the conditions of the toothpaste stock market, many fans have felt this is a teeny bit of a pot/kettle/black type situation.

You know, considering that Scotty T hails from a reality TV show and sometimes likes to promote a brand or two.

One user has replied to Scott’s message with a snap of himself promoting a brand of dieting tea- writing ‘Or some kind of tea’. 

Referring to his menswear line with online brand Boohoo, another user replies ‘Or boohoo man ? Lol sorry scotty x‘.

Sharing a snap of Scott promoting an app, another user writes: ‘ Mate, you sit in a empty bath and promote Mood Chimp. Not sure what’s worse.’.

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After being called out by a fan, the same user then added that he was simply suggesting the statement to be ‘a bit contradicting’.

Plot twist… maybe Scotty is calling himself out?!

Either way, its pretty fair to say the comment was made in jest- who doesn’t love a good bit of toothpaste promo after all?

Now, why don’t we all stop arguing and just brush our teeth instead. Charcoal toothpaste, anyone?

Alice Perry