The bromance is over as the long-time friends fall out after Brad’s unruly children trashed George’s house

From co-starring in movies to holidays, parties and even late-night poker games, Brad Pitt and George Clooney have always been BFFs – until now.

A (very lucky) close friend of George tells Now a row has broken out between them over Brad, 47, and Angelina Jolie’s rowdy kids.

‘The feud began when Brange and the six kids stayed at George’s house in Lake Como, Italy, last year,’ reveals our spy.

‘The kids trashed the house, moved George’s furniture and even tampered with his expensive art. It’s no secret that Brad and Ange have a hard time controlling their kids, but George thinks they should’ve made more of an effort.

‘He’s very particular about his belongings. There were dirty footprints all over a £12,000 sofa and cushions were covered in melted chocolate and milk.

‘In the drawing room, all of George’s books had been pulled down off a shelf so that the kids could squeeze behind it to play hide and seek.

‘A wardrobe full of designer suits, worth up to £200,000, had also been trashed.’

A frustrated George, 49, was forced to tell the couple their kids aren’t welcome at his house again. ‘That infuriated Brad and Angie,’ says our source.

‘They think they should be accepted as a family by George, who’s meant to be one of their best friends. Now they’re not talking at all.’

Read the full story about George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Now magazine dated 7 February 2011 – out now!

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