George Clooney ships his wife Amal's favourite restaurant to the UK for their first wedding anniversary

Most newlyweds celebrate their first anniversary with a meal out and a card, but when you’re an A-list movie star like George Clooney you have to pull out all the stops to impress on the big day. So forget a simple dinner out – the actor decided to buy his wife Amal a whole restaurant to spoil her on the special day!


George Clooney gushes about his wife Amal

An insider reveals: ‘Amal loves the Asanebo sushi restaurant near their LA home. She always complains there’s nowhere as good in London, so since last year George has been in talks with the head chef and owner Tetsuya Nakao about opening a London branch. He wants to make sure Amal can always have access to their favourite dishes when she’s at home in London.

‘As well as paying £300,000 for rent and equipment, George will promote the restaurant. He knows
it’s a good deal for Tetsuya, who’s a good friend of his. They also think it’ll be really successful in terms of business.

‘It’ll serve all of Amal’s favourite dishes, of course. These include the halibut sashimi with truffles, brussels sprouts salad with seared scallop, hamachi with seaweed and cod lettuce wrap. George has insisted that
they always have the very best fresh fish too.’

The couple, who got married in September 2014 in Venice, celebrated 12 months of wedded bliss last week with dinner at the LA restaurant, where George revealed the extravagant gift. Another great thing about
his present is that it keeps to the tradition of giving your partner paper for your first anniversary. The source explains: ‘George presented Amal with the documents for the London restaurant. The gift is unorthodox, but it’s perfect for Amal. She loves it.’