Actor held grudge over lost film role


George Clooney has sensationally revealed he hated best friend Brad Pitt for years because he beat him to a film role.

As a struggling actor George, 46, auditioned 5 times for the role of JD in hit movie Thelma And Louise but lost out to Brad, who went on to be a major star.

‘I remember when he got it. I didn’t know who he was,’ George tells The Sunday Times Culture, ‘I remember thinking, “F*** that guy”.’

He and Brad are now very close, having starred in the Ocean’s trilogy and are regularly seen out and about together, but the bitter memories remain.

‘That was the closest I’d ever gotten to a big film,’ says George. ‘I wouldn’t see that movie when it first came out. I was just….so….mad.

‘I thought I’d be doing television series the rest of my life, and Brad just kept going and going and going.’

Holly Arnold