We study the lyrics to the songs George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin chose for their wedding *sob*

George Clooney‘s wedding details are just so meaningful it makes us want to blub.

The Hollywood actor opted for Irving Berlin‘s Always to be sung at his lavish Venice nuptials to lawyer Amal Alamuddin.

The reason? It’s the same song George’s parents Nick Clooney and Nina Bruce played for their first dance at THEIR wedding back in 1959. The couple celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary in August.

We can see why George and his parents both fell in love with the track – here’s a sample of some of its touching lyrics:

‘Everything went wrong, and the whole day long I’d feel so blue.
‘For the longest while I’d forget to smile, then I met you.
‘Now that my blue days have passed, now that I’ve found you at last –
‘I’ll be loving you always.’

But, wait, the romance continues…George and Amal Alamuddin chose another emotional song for their first wedding dance.

The 53-year-old swore himself off marriage after splitting from his first wife in the early 90s and now it seems his first dance song explains exactly why he chose to take the plunge once again.

George, who is part of Hollywood’s new Rat Pack, and his 36-year-old spouse Amal danced to Frank Sinatra‘s Why Shouldn’t I?

Not only was it a special choice to select a track from Frank – who was in the original Rat Pack – but the lyrics are pretty cool too:

‘Why shouldn’t I take a chance when romance passes by?
‘Why shouldn’t I know of love?
‘Why wait around when each age has a sage who has sung
‘That upon this earth love is all that is really worth thinking of?’

Sounds as though the silver fox had had enough of over two decades of refusing to settle down.

George dated Lisa Snowdon, Elisabetta Canalis and Stacy Keibler before finding the love of his life and further lyrics suggest he longed to have one life partner that he could come home to forever. Aw!

‘It must be fun, lots of fun
‘To be sure when day is done

‘That the hour is coming when you’ll be kissed
‘And then you’ll be kissed again.’

While George’s friends Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are family men, and their romances with their significant others have outlasted him dating several sexy models and actresses, the following words give away that seeing his fellow industry pals loved up may have swayed him too.

‘All debutantes say it’s good, and every star out in far Hollywood, seems to give it a try, so why shouldn’t I?’

Are you weeping yet? We are!

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