And other exclusive weepy details of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s big showbiz wedding

Ok so we missed out on an invite to the best wedding in the world – George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin‘s – but we’ve got next best thing, some of the speeches.

Mum of the Bride, Baria Alamuddin,had the bestest ever, ever, ever and her beautiful tribute just makes us crumble. 

‘Amal to me is a sweet dream that started when I was pregnant with her and will continue for the rest of my life,’ she said.

Sharing a photo of her daughter as a one-year-old she revealed that Amal ‘gave me and my family only love and joy and lots and lots of pride’.

‘As for George,’ she added. ‘We love you truly, deeply and sincerely. We enjoy your charm, your wit, intelligent conversation and generosity. You are simply perfect.’

Pass. Us. The. Tissues. Now. If there’s anything that beats a Father of the Bride speech it’s an unexpectedly touching and sweet one from mummy.

As if mum’s words were not amazing enough George’s dad Nick Clooney gave us lots of insight revealing the proposal was just a casual affair.

George got down on one basketball-battered knee and asked the savvy Amal to marry him. And if you think that’s crazy, Amal said yes,’ Nick said. ‘In their tidal wave of generosity Amal and George present us with one more gift: hope. No, it’s more than hope. It is belief that in this place and at this moment, love is alive and well.’

Blub blub blub!

Best man John Lambros added the lols but also made us well up by saying: ‘To say we, George’s friends, have been waiting for you, Amal, for a while is an enormous understatement.’

Quoting George Eliot he added: ‘And when a man has seen the woman whom he would have chosen if he had intended to marry speedily, his remaining a bachelor will always depend on her resolution rather than his. Amal we thank you for your resolution.’

To get the party started there were shots of tequila – well maybe more than shots but there was definitely tequila anyway.

‘Well it’s Italy but we thought we’d fly a little of our tequila out as well,’ said George. His friend had been spotted loading 100 cases of their award-winning Casamigos Tequila onto a private jet to bring to Italy. And what about keepsakes?

‘Other than hangovers?’ George quipped. ‘Yes.’

The couple gave each guest a relaxed photo of them both looking happy and natural with a personal note which read: ‘Thanks for being here. It means the world to us.’

Also part of the highlights was the five-course Italian menu, lemon risotto with lobster, Chianina beef tagliata with porcini mushrooms and sea bass, followed by chaudfroid with strawberries and zabaglione.

We really have serious FOMO about missing out on this one.

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