Britain's Got Talent star doesn't think the Conservative leader would be much of a dancer

George Sampson spent yesterday afternoon with Conservative Party leader David Cameron and decided he isn’t much of a dancer.

He struck me as the type of guy who would stand at the back of the dance floor and just move his shoulders, says the Britain’s Got Talent winner.

He’s got no rhythm. He looked like the kind of guy who would be an embarrassing uncle.

And George who met him on a visit to St Thomass Hospital adds that he didn’t have much in common with the politician.

He was nice to me but he didnt have much to talk about, he tells the The Sun.

George – who turned 15 on Sunday – is due to perform at the Royal Variety Performance in December.

He’s set to begin filming a new video with 5 fans who won an online competition to dance with him.

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Alison Adey