Britain's Got Talent winner's estranged dad says he's determined to see his son

George Sampsons dad Brian says he’s so determined to have contact with his son that he’s joined civil rights group Fathers For Justice.

The 40-year-old has hardly seen the Britains Got Talent winner since he left the family 6 years ago.

It’s cruel that women can just stop dads seeing their kids whenever they choose, he says.

Im now with Fathers For Justice. I’m not going to dress up as Robin or Batman and stand on the roof. But I support what they’re doing because of my situation with George.

Brain says he was barred from going to watch 15-year-old’s Georges winning performance.

I was in tears during the final of Britains Got Talent, he tells Daily Star Sunday.

I miss Georges smiling face. Only being able to watch the son you adore on TV is heartbreaking.

I’m not interested in his money or his fame. I just want to be part of my sons life, to care for him and be a good dad.

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Alison Adey