Good or bad!?


The Big Brother nominations were finally released last night and one housemate in particular has managed to annoy the public so much that she might be a guaranteed leave: Georgina.

In fact some infuriated viewers dubbed her ‘the worst housemate ever’. That’s not good.

She joins other housemates Andy West, Evelyn Ellis and Jayne Connery in being nominated, but as soon as the names were read out, it was Georgina that felt the wrath of Twitter.

One angry fan raged: ‘How can Georgina talk to folk like sh*t and act like a spoilt brat then get upset cos she’s nominated again? Stop being a d*ck then #bbuk’

Very colourful language there.

Whereas another posited: ‘So Georgina is actually ‘shocked’ she got up for eviction? “But I’ve been nice to everyone.” Deluded girl. #BBUK’


Georgina ended up being comforted by housemates Sam, Lateysha and Chelsea, along with boyfriend Jackson, while they sobbed in bed.

And it’s that relationship with Jackson that seems to be the saving grace for the posh girl, similar to Big Brother’s Grace Adams-Small and Mikey Dalton ten years ago.

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Including famous fan Vicky Pattison, who said: ‘I <3 Jackson and Georgina… Her jealous streak is BRILLIANT’

Is Georgina REALLY the worst housemate or is this all a bit of an over-exaggeration? Are Jackson and Georgina the cutest or is it weird? Send us your opinions!