It's the girl we’ve all got Insta-envy over…

It’s official, we have a HUGE girl crush on Clean Eating Alice, AKA Alice Liveing, the student from Buckinghamshire who has totally transformed her body with healthy and delicious meals and a committed workout programme – and shared it all on Instagram.

Now with over 104k followers, Alice’s journey has inspired many, mainly because it is so uncomplicated and she’s clearly not starving herself.

Speaking to Mail Online she revealed how and why she became ‘Clean Eating Alice’ a year ago.

‘After years of bad skin, constant fatigue and feeling uncomfortable about my appearance I decided to completely overhaul my approach to eating.

‘I started experimenting with food, and found that simply changing what I ate for breakfast had a huge impact on my mood and energy for that day.’

But while some may feel intimidated by the prospect of clean eating, Alice assures fans that it isn’t as complex as it can sometimes sound.

‘The term [clean eating] is completely subjective and can mean different things to different people, but my interpretation of it was to develop a healthy relationship with food.

‘I didn’t restrict myself or feel like I was dieting as such, and learnt how best to fuel my body with tasty and nutritious food.’

Her healthy living is coupled with a dedicated workout regime with LDN Muscle.

‘I aim to go to the gym between four and six times a week, and follow the LDN Muscle Bikini Guide.

‘I think one of the best things about this journey is that I found a way of exercising that I loved which I think is so important, and I have LDN Muscle to thank for that.’

Nowadays Alice has put her body insecurities behind her and perhaps her most notable achievement is her toned arms.

On Instagram she shared: ‘Before beginning this journey my arms were my least favourite body part. I used to keep them covered at every opportunity and hated wearing any tight fitting tops. Fast forward one year and I have worked hard to really gain strength and definition in my upper body, and have learned to love this part of me again!’

So what kinds of things does Alice eat? Check out her snaps of her simple and healthy cuisines to get some serious foodie inspo…