Splash out on an unwashed T-shirt once worn by Harry Styles and help the world

Oooh! Can you imagine wrapping yourself up in a T-shirt once worn by Harry Styles? Well, guess what – you blimmin’ well can.

But you’d better be quick about it as you only have until midday Monday 18 November to snap it up!

And if you want to, you might have to crack open that piggy bank pretty smartish, cos
it might cost you a bob or two. 

The leopard print T-shirt that Hazza wore to the Burberry show in September is just one of many celebrity donations currently in an online auction held by hardlyeverwornit.com which raises money for UNICEF.

The best thing is – Harry hasn’t washed it. Yum!

Which means, if you rub it all over your face, you can feel like you are at one with him! Swoon!

And if you’re a bit of clever scientist bod, you can probably scratch off a bit of his DNA, stick it in a test tube and grow your own Harry! Now just imagine that!

But that’s not all. If you go to the site, hardlyeverwornit.com, you can also bid on items that have barely been worn by the likes of David Beckham, Liam Gallagher, Kimberley Garner and Donna Air.

Speaking to us at the recent launch event, Donna Air told us she was chuffed to be asked to get involved with such a good cause.

It’s a great concept, this collaboration is amazing,’ she said.

Especially with what’s going on with the children in Syria, sending emergency supplies, sorting out clean water is what UNICEF is doing.

‘And if all we’ve got to do is donate one dress, then hey, who can say no to that?’

She added that as a mum the plight of these poor people hit home even more.

As a mother you can imagine what other women and mothers are going through too. It’s frightening how privileged and lucky we all are, and really we should all be doing more.’

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