Strictly Come Dancing star says he was unable to control himself

Squeaky-clean Gethin Jones has revealed that he embarrassed himself many times while working as a children’s TV presenter.

‘I’ve puked, peed and pooed myself on Blue Peter without viewers knowing,’ he admits. ‘The puke was while flying, the pee was during a 30-mile yomp and the poo was in Malawi.’

The Strictly Come Dancing hunk, 30, had an upset tummy in the African country and couldn’t control his bodily functions.

‘I was interviewing a care worker called Alice,’ he tells Celebs On Sunday.

‘Her job was to go around 23 villages on her bike and we were raising money for a new one. All of us had the Carlos Ritz. I asked her, “What is it about your job you love?” And in the pause I followed through.’

But Gethin isn’t ashamed of the incident.

‘When there’s nowhere to go, you have to just wipe it with your pants and put them in a bag,’ he says.

‘It’s horrible when it runs down your leg. All hot and smelly. But she didn’t care, bless her, she was looking after poor kids with HIV.’

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