As they prepare for their nuptials, Michelle and Mark are spotted shopping in Essex

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright seem to be in the mood for loving if their latest shopping trip is anything to go by.

The gorgeous couple – who are set to tie the knot later this year – paid a visit to a Holland & Barrett store in Essex where Mark, 28, bought a box of Bootea. The healthy drink not only helps weight loss and detoxing but also contains ginseng root, a known aphrodisiac – ooh-er!

Ginseng – which actually means ‘man root’ – is a herb often associated with love. Studies have reported sexual response in animals who have been given it, although there is no evidence yet that it has the same effect on humans.

We wonder if the lovebirds are stocking up for Valentine’s day – or could it be for their impending wedding?

They certainly looked in high spirits as they browsed in the store. Michelle, 27, perused the aisles and checked out what looked to be a bag of fruit or nuts. Such a healthy couple!

Both stars wore sunglasses and matching black outfits during the outing. Michelle took her shades off when Mark picked up an item which the couple shared a giggle over – what could it have been? But, ever the celebrity, Mark kept his sunglasses on throughout his entire time in the shop. Smooth!

Eventually they emerged from the store after making their purchases and headed back to their car. Michelle lugged a large bottle of water whilst Mark carried a couple of bags and admired his new box of Bootea. Must be keen to get started on it!

The couple have certainly been making lots of preparations for their wedding day recently. Michelle revealed this week that she’s getting her skin in great shape at the moment so that she’s glowing in time for her nuptials.

‘I’m starting to think about my skin for the big day, so have been using lots of my Origins Dr Weil Mega Bright serum and illuminating treatment lotion,’ she wrote in her Hello! blog.

‘I LOVE these products and have done for years. This collection of products really suits my skin.’

Meanwhile Mark did his last show of the Strictly Come Dancing tour on the weekend so he should now have some free time to do extra wedding planning.

We bet these two are going to be SO loved-up on their big day!

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