The mum-of-two faced criticism for her latest photo of two-year-old son Buzz

With McBusted rocker Tom Fletcher and yummy mummy Giovanna Fletcher for parents, little Buzz Fletcher was always going to be one seriously cool kid.

And Mama Fletcher proved that’s definitely the case by sharing a snap of Buzz wearing some very bright, trendy trainers over the weekend.

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But sadly Gi’s cute shot ended up causing controversy after one user took issue with the fact that two-year-old Buzz’s cool kicks featured pink laces.

Colourful shoe game today from Buzz! Thanks auntie Giorgie and Uncle Chickpea! Xxx

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In a comment that has since been deleted, the user said that it was ’embarrassing for a boy’ to wear pink and said that little Buzz ‘shouldn’t be put in girls’ shoes’.

The user’s comments prompted a fierce response from the army of fellow mothers that follow Giovanna – who recently gave birth to the couple’s second child, Buddy – with many jumping to the 31-year-old mum’s defence.

‘2016 and peoole still talking about “girls shoes” come onnn, why can’t they just be ‘cool’ ones??’ one wrote

Another added: ‘They’re colourful shoes. Boys and girls have the same feet. Get over it. Nothing “girls” about them.’

A third user added: ‘To all those are being cruel to a 2 YEAR OLD CHILD – catch a grip! They’re shoes and you’re idiots!!!’

Others praised Giovanna and her musical husband Tom for their parenting skills, with one writing: ‘Parenting done right?? don’t raise your child to gender associate products, raise them to have the confidence to make their own choices.’

Another said: ‘I was pretty sure the world was “over” the whole.. pink is for girls and blue is for boys? Obviously some people are not. Gorgeous shoes for a gorgeous little guy! Fab parents too! x’

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