Sarah thinks The X Factor boosted Cheryl's profile

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding thinks Cheryl Cole‘s success has been down to luck rather than talent.

Cheryl, 29, has released three solo albums, had three No 1 singles and collaborated with the likes of in the past few years.

But Sarah thinks Chezza’s been lucky, especially after getting a seat on The X Factor judges’ panel in 2008.

‘I reckon it’s down to pot luck [rather than talent],’ says Sarah, 31.

Cheryl was lucky and you have to take time into consideration – she was doing The X Factor, which helped to promote her as an individual.’

Sarah, who is currently working on solo material after Girls Aloud announced their split last month, admits she’d love the opportunity to be a judge on a talent show.

‘If it was a music talent show, then I’d love to,’ the blonde says.

‘Whenever The X Factor is on, I always find myself shouting at the TV: “He shouldn’t have been given that song,” or “she was flat there.”‘

‘I’m a bit critical, but obviously I would be nice too!’

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