They play teenagers in new movie

Girls Aloud have revealed they’ve been given a cameo role in the new St Trinian’s movie.

Cheryl, Nadine, Sarah, Nicola and Kimberley play the school’s house band in the modern version of the British classic.

‘We’re characters who are meant to be 15 or 16 so we spent an awful long time in make-up,’ admits Kimberly Walsh, 25.

‘We’re not meant to look sexy or anything. It’s more sweet and innocent.’

But Sarah Harding, 25, admits they couldn’t quite manage to keep covered up.

‘I’m not sure I look so innocent, I really went for it,’ she tells Live magazine. ‘Stockings, suspenders and a skirt up to my a***. I just couldn’t resist.

‘I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction it gets.’

Suzannah Ramsdale