Girls Aloud star Nicola called for better sex education in schools following a discussion on This Morning

Nicola Roberts has spoken out and the teenage sexting ‘crisis’ in a lengthy series of tweets, calling for better sex education in schools.

The Girls Aloud star was stirred to whip out her smartphone and share her views following a discussion on This Morning revealed the worrying statistics that six out of ten teenagers saying they have been asked for sexual images or videos and 15% admitting they have sent images to strangers.

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Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby went on to ask ‘is Britain suffering from a sexting crisis?’

Nic clearly believes that the answer is a worrying yes, with the 30-year-old star calling it an ‘epidemic’ and criticising the lack of sex education in schools which, she reckons, leads to ‘the children leading the children.’

Over a number of 140-character posts, Nicole wrote: ‘How is it surprising that teenagers who are naturally inquisitive, expressive and experimental are sharing images of themselves that they are becoming sexual active?

‘There is no mandatory sexual education in schools. They are teaching themselves. The adults are not openly talking about it, so the children are leading the children.’

She went on to ask questions of the government’s Education Secretary, writing: ‘Along with the sexual exploitation problem we have, I don’t know why Nicky Morgan the education secretary isn’t backing this solid change and updating the curriculum to support and guide the young people.’

She added: ‘Giving school guidelines and the option to only teach it where the individual school feels necessary will only keep giving us the same result.

‘It’s frustrating to see articles on this and back and forth quotes from MPs, when actually the young people would massively benefit from some education on a healthy attitude towards this ‘epidemic’.’

Go girl! Anyone else thinking Nicola for Prime Minister?