Model was making pancakes the next day

Gisele Bundchen says going through labour was a doddle. 

The supermodel had son Benjamin via a water birth at her Boston apartment on 8 December. 

‘It wasn’t painful, not even a little bit,’ says Gisele, 29.

‘The whole time, my head was so focused – every contraction, the baby is closer, the baby is closer.

‘So, it wasn’t like, “Oh, what pain?”‘ 

Gisele admits she even refused medication.

‘I wanted to be conscious and present for what was happening,’ she adds.

‘I didn’t want to be anesthetised. I wanted to feel.’

Gisele, who is married to Tom Brady, made a quick recovery. 

‘The second day, I was walking,’ she tells Brazilian TV show Fantastico.

‘I was washing dishes, I was making pancakes in the kitchen.’

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